The Rant

In  another blog.  I seethed with rage over Stephanie Meyers’s path to success.  She is an author of the Twilight series, it was a paranormal books in the teen genre but was able to crossover to adult.  I planned to read the books in order, but its popularity made it hard to request at the library.  I was impressed and intrigued.  I like to listen to authors get interviewed about their books.  When I heard that Ms. Meyers wrote the series so quickly and she had it published I saw red or green.  I was so jealous I couldn’t listen to the interview and I doubt I will be able to read the books.  Don’t feel sorry for Ms. Meyers,  there are other people who love her books and wait avidly for the next.
Another author I don’t care for, is Karen Chance’s book Touch the Dark.  I concept was great,  a girl kidnapped and raised by a vampire for her clairvoyant/supernatural abilities. I thought it would be a good read, until I saw it was from first person viewpoint.  It is hard for me to get into book that are from that narative.  I think that is why I burned out  with the Anita Blake Series with Obsidian Butterfly.  In my opinion Ms. Chances character Cassandra Palmer explained too much of the world she [Ms. Chance] was trying to reveal to readers.  Too many times the action was cut so she [ Cassandra] could say, vampires are live like this, vampires drink like this, vampires can do this.    This famous person who died of a mysterious death is now a vampire, or did you think this famous crazy person died?. I got annoyed and irritated and skipped paragraphs.  I looked Karen Chance up and saw that her book sales were enough to  conjure two sequels.  I am back in the evil green place. Angry
I know I am being lazy and stupid.  Dammit why do I have to find these things out.  I am pissed like no body else.  I will have to listen to Maroon 5 for the rest of the day.  Possible some JRock as well.  My music is an eclectic style it has always been. 
I am done with dodging my chapter three.  It is a major rewrite. Wish me luck everyone.  Open-mouthed

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