Monthly Archives: February 2008

The February Rant

I am getting older but not wiser.  A true saddening fact that has be very depressed.  Last  year I wrote about the possibilities of living positively, making the change on the new bright day.  I have lost my luster and I am not sure how to rebuild the positive thoughts. 
Still I make plans for the new day, will I complete them I don’t know.  Will something new happen that will allow me to feel that I have accomplished something great. Why am I being so hard on myself.   Because usually, I am really soft.   I tell everyone to be truthful, then I like to myself. That is not being positive.  I am very lazy with my goals and careless with my dreams.   I want them to be achieve but I don’t want to sweat for it. I don’t want to suffer or starve for it. I want to put in have the effort and they will appear.  I tell my daughter that she can’t do something  like that and I do it all the time.  What am I teaching her? 
I will have to think on these things some more. Maybe tomarrow I will have an answer.