The Return

I have been gone for some time.  I didn’t have the will to write anything of interest.  I was really pissed at everything.    That has since changed.  I have found my hope again.  I am also doing something.  MOVING!!!!!!Wink
I had to make a change.  I liked my time here in ATL but I have to recoup in NYC.  The plan is to go back to college and study nursing.  Why?   Since I have been running from the health profession for most of my adult life.  Simply put there is always sick people, therefore I will always have a job.  I love writing but it has yet to bring in the bacon (turkey).  I really have no presence anywhere in the publishing world.  I have a child and she is growing and needs stuff.  Hell I need stuff.  I believe I will always write but I want to focus on doing something meaningful (helping people) and bringing home a decent paycheck.  It is time to stop having my parents worry about my future.   I also want to be a good example for my kid.  I will attempt to post my future escapes.

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