The Worst

Baring teeth  Confused    Sad   Broken heart   Wilted roseSick
Those are my feeling today, Tuesday 17, 2008.   I bought a sandisk jump drive 4.0GB and I loved that thing really really loved it.  I put all my manuscripts and other paraphenalia on it and was happy I still had space to save my work.  
AngryBaring teethConfusedSadBroken heartWilted roseSick
It was lost in the Gwinnett County Library yesterday.  It fell off its hook.  I didn’t feel it or see it.   It was brand new.   But more important, everything I deemed important.  All my stories in various degrees was on the device.  I did make a back up. However I can’t stop feeling sick about it and the back up only goes but so far.  I really can’t stop feeling like crap.  I had private blog on it. I had pictures of Jonique and all my ideas of the past 10 years.  Shit!  Shit! Shit!  Shit!  
I want to scream but I am in the library right now hoping someone felt bad about stealing my life in Microsoft Word.  I know they doin’t feel sorry.  I hope they just delete everything and choke.  Angry
My mind is reeling and I am losing time.  If i didn’t have a writer’s meeting I think I would cry.  SadBroken heart
I really want my device back!  I want my stories back!  I want my pic and blogs and shit back! 

2 thoughts on “The Worst

  1. Sritala

    It\’s terrible when we try to finish our works and found out that it\’s gone. I\’d this kind of experience before. Hope you will finish soon 🙂


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