Monthly Archives: July 2008

I don’t know who to Blame

I became aware of this book, Don’t blame it on Rio: The real deal why men go to Brazil For Sex by Jewel Woods and Karen Hunter in an essence magazine.  They gave it a review and I sucked my teeth to turn the page.  Earlier today I read more reviews of the book and wondered to myself is this it.

This book claimed to give you a inside look on black men’s thoughts  and change the way you think or see your life and others as you knew it.   The book just made my stomach hurt.  Because no matter if they ended with a positive spin or that it needed to be published so that people knew.  It is still a reflection on how black women are thought of.   Don’t Blame it on Rio, are interviews of priveleged black men.  Who traveled to Brazil to be sexual satisfied in  ways their weren’t getting by american black women.  In their own words they spoke about us and the reflection is not good. 

I believe books like this although important have a double message.  They would lead some women to do many stupid things for men they love and believe love them back.  Many of these interviewed men were married, performing adultry because they could.  Leading double lives for their wives and children.  It was a sad state of being.


It leads to young black women degrading themselves sexually, believing it is a sense of empowerment and freedom. For example I just saw a sex video of a black woman with a little notariety.  Her face was all over the camera performing oral sex, while the man was out of the picture.   Later she will be labeled the stupid black slut, while the guy will be patted on the back for tappin’ that. 


It is a shameful series of events played over and over.   I don’t think books like that matter.   I just wanted to get my feelings out.