Monthly Archives: August 2008

Keeping Up with my Blogs

About a month ago I realized I am a serial blogger.  Open-mouthed  Where ever blogs were provided I would start one up and occasionally type something.  I do it mostly for my mental health.  I call  them freewrites because they ususally come from the top of my head.   I currently have about seven of these things running and I am about to get rid of my yahoo group anime story group.  I can’t give it the time I want to and I don’t have the stamina to write for it.  I still love anime and a great story but my viewing pleasure has expanded and my writing energy is being sucked out of me all over the place.   It still leaves six.   A healthy even number I guess.  I listened to an interview of a guy that was able to get a book deal from the blogs he put up.  I went to the site checked it out.  It was funny and I was jealous.  This guy’s eentries were barely a paragraph  sometimes and by word of mouth his blog site was in the millions.  I doubt I have any readers at all.  This blog could be my diary for all I care.  As I writer I wonder if my dream is all ready dead.  I am not published and I am making no money from the stories in my head.  I have responsiblities that I am basically ignoring because may I pursuded this life too long.  Unfortunately for me it is like crack and I can’t give it up just yet. Red lips
I hope this post properly.  Last blog site was given me issues.