Monthly Archives: October 2008

I hope this works

My title may sound strange but I have my reasons.  I have been trying to keep up with the free- writes.  I thought I could type them on word and then post them on the blog of choice.  Unfortunately that didn’t work.   They stop being free-writes,  it became hard to construct.  I was completely ashamed of myself as a writer.  So I decided to stop doing that, free-writes should be free.   They are suppose to help me brainstorm with my works-in-progress. 
There is no point to this blog except that I am having internet difficulties and it may not get published.  These blogs are my diaries oops journals, I can’t remember the last time I sat down and wrote in the beautiful expensive book I bought for that purpose.  I do it all online now.  Disappointed
I was enraged when I learned that a guy got a book deal for his blog entries.  I went to the site it was funny.   I  couldn’t stay mad. I should be happy for that guy but I felt wicked jealousy. I heard Stephanie Meyer stopped production of her latest book in the twilight series.  I mention her only because she was another author I envied with malicious intent.  I wonder who hated her so much to post her rough draft book on the internet.  That person was really mean.  
I am loosing my train of thought.  So I closing.
Peace Red rose