Monthly Archives: November 2008

Be Real

I am so happy!!! Barack Obama is the first African-American President!!!!Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedWhile I listen to Sen. John McCain concession speech.  It was very gracious.  So I had to feel a little sorry for him.  He has been the only republican I respected. 
However, Please BLACK PEOPLE LET’S US BE REAL.  It is not over just because President Obama is in office.  In fact expect for it to get HARDER.  President Obama has to lead for all Americans not just us.  He has to show the haters that he can manage this country. Don’t expect everything to drastically change.  Expect to hear republicans cut him where they can.  Expect White Supremacist to attack black folks where they can.  It is a sad realization but expect some hard times.  Because history was made today. 
I am loosing my words.  I hope we realize that we still have work to do for our country.  We elected Obama, so we are the ones that have to make sure that the change he promised happens.
On The Pulse of this coming Morning  we need to link hands, Thank God and get the job done.