Monthly Archives: December 2008

December Rant

I don’t have a reason to have so many blogs. Whenever a social site offers one, I sign up. It is like it is crack. I joined the millions that love to vent online. However since I am older and wiser than some. I don’t post every private thing online; I keep the names and specifics to myself. TMI on the internet has destroyed many. However the people reading my blogs is less than what McCain got in the election.

I am posting this on every blog I have. I escaped from NYC and I plan to rest, regroup and attack again. Life is not going exactly as planned and I was feeling down about it. I was going home with nothing to show for my efforts except a lot paper. I was unravelling and feeling very sick. This trip back here, put a little ease on my brain. I jumped on scale for the first time in months, I was not surprise and I am not posting it here either. Let’s just say, I need to make better dietary choices in the future. He he. I started to read a few chapters of Killing Rage by bell hooks. It sounds dramatic but it is a commentary on our society and how black people are treated and how feel about it. We get marginalized and insulted sometimes on a daily basis and we don’t recognize it for what it is. The few of us that do are sometimes ridiculed for their outrage, some at the cost of their reputations and careers. I found it an interesting read especially since history was made and now we have President-Elect Barack Obama. Many of us are still reeling on the election, some might call it the honeymoon stage despite some very horrible things that happened around the world. We still have that rage;we are still being marginalized; we are still shortchanging ourselves. It is something to think about.