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Re-Reads can be fun

This is the cover of book, that I totally panned about two or three years ago.  I don’t know if I did on this blog or another.  It was the beginning a series, the black dagger brotherhood by J.R. Ward.  I read it and I totally hated it.  I couldn’t connect to the story at all.  It irritated me and I told anyone who would listen.  This book came out when the paranormal love stories were making their boom, in the romance genre.  Book Stores and book sections of Walmart and Target were flooded with books of this genre.  I couldn’t pick up a book w/o it being about some witch, wizard, werewolf or vampire all moody and cursed falling in love with a human or other supernatural being while battling the greatest old or new evil to destroy the world.  I all ready had suspense thriller love burn out, meaning that I couldn’t read  the next cop, spy, military, ex-military, on-the-run book.  It had no appeal for me and I just wouldn’t put myself through it.  
So at first I wasn’t down with paranormal love at all.  Then I read some Laurell K. Hamiliton and realized that not all fairies were good fairies.  So why not read about a witch or vampire.  I borrowed Dark Lover out of the library and was lost. I was disappointed because I thought it would be a good read, a woman(dhampir) becoming vampire, and lover to a vampire with the hot name like Wrath.  He was also a described hottie.  The potential was there and it flew over my head.  What saved me for the series was the second book Lover Eternal and the endorsement of a writer I admired.  I got caught up in the lives of each character introduced in the first book but given more substance in the second.  It carried to through the next four books with baited breath and elated envy.  Recently I decided to buy the books in order and I came upon Dark Lover.  Buying it because it was book one and part of the set.  I didn’t plan to read it again EVER!  But in my procrastination  from writing my own work had me taking a gander at the little red book.  I was surprisingly entertained.  I read things that made no sense to me three years ago, now made perfect sense, since I have read the other books, what a difference 5 books makes. I read things I missed in my first read of the book.Open-mouthed

I know J.R. Ward doesn’t need my endorsement, her book series is a best seller and her latest in the series is a hardcover, can you say cha-ching.  I wait with baited breath for the paperback, because a hard cover will jack up my collection.   I am writing this mainly to get myself back in the habit of review.  I also think that we should all re-read, re-examine something in our lives that we had a negative view on, just to see if we will change our minds or that we were right about it all the time.

November Rant

Last year Elections, the lines were around the corner, because every black person wanted to vote for President Obama.  It was a thing to see and I was really glad.  This election made me sick.  There was no line and no one seemed happy or sad at what was going to happen.  Even though this election was more important than the one last year. 
 You may disagree, but think about it people.  Those who woke up early to vote for Obama, slept in late yesterday or went to work and let Bloomberg continue to run the city we live in. He talks the good game but have you seen the homeless growing in leaps and bounds, and if they are on the streets the shelters are filled over capacity.  It was total shit. 
I can say this cause I voted.  I always vote.  every year.  I like it just so I can complain with a clean fucking Conscience.