November Rant

Last year Elections, the lines were around the corner, because every black person wanted to vote for President Obama.  It was a thing to see and I was really glad.  This election made me sick.  There was no line and no one seemed happy or sad at what was going to happen.  Even though this election was more important than the one last year. 
 You may disagree, but think about it people.  Those who woke up early to vote for Obama, slept in late yesterday or went to work and let Bloomberg continue to run the city we live in. He talks the good game but have you seen the homeless growing in leaps and bounds, and if they are on the streets the shelters are filled over capacity.  It was total shit. 
I can say this cause I voted.  I always vote.  every year.  I like it just so I can complain with a clean fucking Conscience.  


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