Monthly Archives: March 2010

Inspired by blog images

I wanted to give this blog a review theme.  I wanted to wax poetic about the
books I read, movie and TV shows I watch.  It didn’t happen. I went into
writer’s and reader’s block.  I was frustrated and disgusted with
myself.  I started seven blogs on this site and then canceled them because
they weren’t post worthy.  I didn’t feel worthy.  I love writing
but it became a burden equal to Atlas holding up the world.  So I open
this account on a whim and I planned to write one line.  Then I saw
it.  I have blog image folder of a couple of books I have read. I planned
to write reviews on them.  In fact, I made a list of books I’ve read
in the last three years.   I was going to give my take on all that pulp
fiction.  It overwhelmed me and I don’t think I will do that unless I
re-read them.   So last year, I was totally impressed by Jim
Butcher.  I am biased on male authors; I don’t really read books written
by guys. I know that is a pretentious  habit but I started my reading
hobby with High School drama of Sweet Valley High and quickly moved on to
whatever Harlequin and Silhouette were promoting monthly.  There was a
time, I only liked Shakespeare and I didn’t care if the man actually wrote the
words or not.  The stories were gripping and phenomenal for there times
and continue to be so.  Since then guy reader list have only five names,
which are William Shakespeare, James Baldwin, Nick Hornsby, J.J. Murray and Jim
Butcher.  These writers write in different genres and have influenced
the publishing industry in different ways. I want to give  J. J. Murray and Jim Butcher special kudos because I don’t usually enjoy reading books in first person P.O.V. , also I think Nick Hornsby should get a kudo as well.  These guys hooked me, I enjoyed the time in the worlds they created and avidly waited for their next installations for the one that are serials.

In the future, I don’t know if I will increase my list or maybe I will add manga writers to it will add more guys.  The important this is that I am changing and my reading list is changing with me.