Monthly Archives: August 2010


I don’t do much on this account.  However I wonder when was it established that I am either a guy or a lesbian  both are far from the truth.  Why are ppl requesting to be my friend with skank type pic as their profile.  Why the fuck does this shit happen to me and why the hell do they think I will be their friend?   I will admit, I read erotica, emphasize the word read.  Pictures never did it for me ever.  I have a vivid imagination as a writer, I need to explore all types of writing, so I read anything of interest.  I want to see techniques and methods of writing intimate moments between characters, I like to read the authors who use euphemisms and the one that use the actual words. I was accused of being vague one time and I have never attempted again to write an intimate moment. 
Because I read  words that is probably rated X does not mean I want naked chicks as my friend.  I am quite sure there is a way to end my harassment, I just haven’t been on this account long enough. With this account writing my blog and answering my email is enough for me.  I had started a group but it died quickly and I am not upset. I realized I can’t moderate and promote for shit.  It is okay.  I had designated this blog and another for book reviews.  I haven’t done that in a while sit down and read a book. 
I will work on that.  I have written enough.