repost number 1 2007

Yup I went back that far.

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October 11

It’s not easy being GREEN!

I couldn’t believe it when it happened.  It was so strange that I had to write about it.  Sometimes when I can’t get inspiration, I listen to author interviews on the internet.  The site is called “Eye On Books with Bill Thompson”.  I have heard him on the radio WNYC and NPR interviewing all kinds of people.  It helps me when I doubt becoming a published writer.   I believed it was a good thing.

Until, I clicked on the interview for Stephanie Meyer.   Who is she?  Let me explain.  Stephanie Meyer has written three books beginning with Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse.  They are highly recommended by almost everyone I have asked on the internet.  It took me weeks to attain a copy from the library.  I was interested.  However I wanted to start reading the series from book one and I was unable to get it in time.   The book is based on a teenager Bella, who has a vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend, both are guys and their groups don’t get along.  The books were so good; they knocked Harry Potter books down a peg on the best seller list.

Bill Thompson interviewed her and she wrote her 3 books and got on the best seller’s list in four years.  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe how angry I got when I heard that.  I was so jealous I didn’t know where it came from.  I have been writing since I was fourteen years old.  I am always told that my stories are worth reading.  But I am not published and I know it is my fault and I can’t blame anyone else except I just couldn’t listen to that Meyer’s interview.  I could not stomach it.  I found someone else but I had to work out my feelings. I just had too.    My goal is to write a blog or journal entry a day.  On one of my many blog sites – Friendster –;  Myspace – and windows live Joleo112;  Where this will be posted of course.  I feel better that my moment of woe was typed out.  There should be a smiley here.



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