Monthly Archives: February 2011

February 21 Rant

I didn’t have a title for this blog.  That is a random title.  I don’t know if I posted it on this blog but I did on others.  I waxed poetically of finding focus in my writing of blogs.  I vowed not to post another word until I had direction for the 10 blog accounts I started.  With that said I went on my merry way, thinking very hard but doing no action.  It is not like my interests are varied, I like to think they are but they aren’t really.  I like music, books, movies, the usual subjects. It you  sub-category them, I like to listen to all kinds of music but I like instrumental and new age when writing.  I also listen to Asian pop, rock and kei music; it is very dramatic and goes with my moods; I read all kinds of fiction but at the moment, I got back into reading romance- historical and modern day, before my decent into romance it was urban/paranormal fantasy; I like to watch funny drama/comedies, I am a big fan of animation and has spent cash on the following Green Lantern, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle. I write stories or I like to make up stories in my head; some of them I take time to write on paper and make a computer files.  Others live only in my head, Yes, I understand that sounds crazy but that is how I roll.  There are a million bloggers out in the internet doing it better than I ever can.  Some are actually getting book deals.  I envy them, no I am down right jealous.  I want a book deal but I know I haven’t put anything worth stealing on any of my blogs.  Many of my blogs, like my journal entries were about not having money, a man, a job and hating my body.  I am in my  30’s, I sounded like a whining 15 year old that should have been slapped, open hand.   Knowing that about myself did not help me change.  It wasn’t half the battle it was me acknowledging how much I sucked.   Oh Shit! I am digressing.

That was not the point of this rant.  The point is that I added some categories to wordpress and I will do my best to post on them.  I have some ideas and I will be writing them down.  If I can’t maintain.  I will cut this account loose.  I would hate to do it but I won’t see any other way to save it.  Fortunately I am making an effort.