Monthly Archives: April 2011


Working out the kinks in my blogs and writing projects are mentally exhausting. At one time, I thought multi-tasking was great. I see the error of my ways.

April 29 Random thoughts

Since I started this blog, I had no idea what to type.  Writing is both public and private.  I like saying what I want but I don’t exactly want anything I say to bite me in the ass later.  I am old enough to know better; even though I had a  “My Butt in Jeans” picture project.  I only posted two pics and I only did it for laughs.  Completely forgot about the pervs on the internet.  I got nasty offers and had no clue why some idiots thought I was down for that.   Back to the original sentence, writing allows an adept person to learn about the writer, even when  the story is fiction.  I used only think that happened in poetry, a form of art I am terrified about.    I thought poetry was too revealing . I thought it would show something I didn’t want anyone to know.  Not realizing that revelations can still occur in prose.  These insights don’t have to be dead-on, think of them as eerie-almost profound horoscopes, not exact but scary close.  I decided to make this account a review.  Books, movies, etc.  then I froze or lost my track.  It was stupid of me.  I mean I wanted  my review to eventually get the notice of someone.  I wanted a following and if I am more lucky a toe in the publishing world.  Never happened.  My following is only me and I don’t follow easy.