Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tired of not sleeping

As I get older, I feel the need to sleep more and more. When I was younger, I hated naps and now I crave them. I like it when my head is clear and my thoughts aren’t fuzzy. It happens more than I would like. The real shame is that I am in my mid 30’s. Hence a major lifestyle change.

Return of the Writer

Over the last year and half, I have been frantically whining about creating a structure blog.  Entries that will catch the eye and eventually an editor, publishing house etc etc etc.  Of course that can never really happen.  I am a minnow in the vast universal sea of the internet.  No one of importance will read this and like it.  It is in general a cry-fest of my life not going the way I want.  Think Bridget Jones with a kid, no British accent and no men in her life constantly gaining weight.   Are you ready to shave your head?   Out of all my blog accounts, I think I have treated this one the worst b/c  wordpress makes everything look so important.   I just knew if I could write awe inspired words, this site would change my world.  I couldn’t post an enrty.  I have about two saved drafts, I wanted them to be perfect and I couldn’t finish them.  I completely punk’d out.  It made me anxious and doubt that I could write anything at all.

I wrote on every blog site I will return with a purpose for each blog.  That hasn’t happened.  Life happened.  So here I am making no promises.  Just writing about my non-existing blog life.  This will be posted.

The title of this piece is the Return of the Writer.  It is very optimistic, but it is how I feel.  This is a free write, meaning the words come and I just type them.  This is not structured and I don’t really care.  I just wanted to put something out there on this site.