Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Importance of combining words

Recently I saw a cover of  magazine,  I can’t remember what it was.  I only noticed the cover and headline, a dying blue bird, under it was “Twitter to big to succeed”  Or some thing like that.  I thought how weird.  If twitter shuts down, what would popular culture do?   Twitter is unique in that it give a limited amount of space, to express yourself.  No metaphors, similes just get to the point.  “I hate this bus, my boss, my life etc”.  Hash-tags hates bus, boss, life.

Everyone has a twitter account, poets, writers, mothers and politicians etc. etc. etc.  You can’t promote a book, movie, off or on Broadway  play w/o it.  Everyone’s spelling is going to hell in 140 spaces or less.  In almost every language available.  Sometimes it is overwhelmingly disgusting.

I never thought I would join but a quick blog is sometimes just what I need.  I didn’t care if I was read of not.  I  put together the right combination of words and create the perfect sentence.  It does not happen often.  But when it does, people marvel at it.

I didn’t read the article.  However I don’t think the blue bird will die.  Other places seeing the fun of it are taking up the  slack and stranglers or at least trying to.