Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Next Step

In 2011, I typed that I needed to find myself as a blogger and produce more structured work. Stuff that didn’t sound like an overweight, usually broke single mother’s whine of an unfair boring life.  I wanted to write and be noticed. That doesn’t happen unless you write and post. I couldn’t take the pressure I put on myself I folded like a cheap stake of cards.

I did some free writes on this site but saved them as drafts to be completed when I get a better feel of the idea. That never happened, I continued my boring life with delusion of being a prolific writer. I am really an idea person; I write great scenes I think but I don’t want to be a playwright. I want to be a recognized published writer.

I don’t know about blogs, but I know Twitter tweets are filed in the library of congress. It is ironic that I became a published writer and didn’t even know it. However my followers are low under 100. I refuse to beg for anymore and I don’t follow anyone unless they interest me. Sadly not everyone that follows me gets followed by me, it breaks twitter manners but I already follow over 100 people. Whoa time to come off the twitter soapbox.

Going off tangent is so easy. I use to think that lazy habit proved my writing ability. Yes, I realize how stupid it sounds.

The point of this blog was to announce the next step as a blogger and a writer. The ugly truth is I have no clue. I am not good at sticking to my goals. However I will presevere and as technology has made things easier. Meaning I don’t need my laptop to post. Let’s hope for the best and expect good.