Monthly Archives: November 2012

Things I never do

I always say I am going to be a constant blogger. But fail to comply with my vows. I consider myself to be a writer but hasn’t written anything I believe to be of value for more than several months. At this point I feel dejected with life and useless. I have given up on my ideals, convictions. I stop being the me I wanted to be. In fact I have no clue who that bitch was.
The me I am now is existing. It is not a horrible or grand existence, it just is. I have missed the opportunities that would change my life forever. I feel bad about that. However I don’t want to obsess about the past and what could have been. I want to do but I am not a Nike commercial. I am an average person.
Literature and pulp fiction are filled with average and ne’er-do-well characters gaining their potential in ordinary and extra ordinary ways. Becoming more from less, it is a blessing and curse to those who achieve it.
I think more should be written here. I can’t pull it out of me. So bye for now.