Monthly Archives: January 2013

Flower envy


I know I had a plan for this blog page. Completely forgot it know.   So why not post some tulips.  I love flowers can’t grow them  but  i like having them around.  I also like how each flower has a message attached to them.  I don’t know them. I think if I did  I would be able to grow them as well.


Love them or hate them apparently are here. That is the end of my cliche. This post was probably done before by a popular blogger and maybe not so popular bloggers. They may have had all the facts about apps and the many thousands of app that litter the web. I am sure there is a book about apps being sold in print and ebook form. The information is there for those who wish to seek it. This is not that kinds of blog.

The apps I use make things easier for me and sometimes they make things more complicted. I switched phones recently. Of course my phone came with a million apps I never plan to use EVER! T-mobile and other bastards of their ilk needs to stop stealing my device space.
I didn’t download everything I had before for reasons I can’t explain or remember. It just didn’t seem like the thing to do. I got different apps and are trying them out. However there were some ride or die apps, this one is ROD.
I thought I wouldn’t do this but here I am again, blogging by phone. Thanks to the app.