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Lightly soured grapes

I remember a couple of years ago, I heard Stephanie Meyer say  out of her own mouth in a recording that she had finished the first book of her twilight series, the namesake twilight in a month. At the time, I was on a library waiting list for the book and was interested in it from all the internet buzz it got. I had been struggling with a  novel project for years, ekeing out a page or two between mind numbing, body defeating  day jobs. Then there was the time I didn’t have a job, cash flow was in the gutter and inspiration to write followed it.

When I heard what SM had said about her book, a feeling came over me that is hard to explain to anyone.  I don’t know where it came from, there were a whole lot of writers I envied but I hated SM’s whole writing career. I may or may not have mentioned it before. I was really angry at her and myself. I banned the kid from reading the series. ( She defied me on the down low and then told on herself. I forgave her eventually and understood the popularity of the books made her do it. Peer-pressure is worse than a bitch.) I took my name off the list. To this day I have not read the series. I watched the movie and felt justified with my hate. I haven’t read a book by SM and I don’t plan to watch the movie from her other book. My grapes are that sour.

Anyway. If anyone reading this is wondering the point, here it is. I like the artist Chris McGrath’s work, he does the book covers for the Dresden Files. He does book covers for other authors as well.  I find them interesting and entertaining enough to find the book that goes with the picture.  That is how I found it. Max Gladstone’s Three Parts Dead. It was brand spanking new book and I didn’t have the cash for it but I had the 1 credit needed to get the audiobook free. So that is what I did.  I listened to the story and liked it enough to randomly search for book two.  Recently I came upon MG’s blogs and felt lightly soured grapes.  MG writes about writing second book and other stuff  I am sure.  I just don’t have it in me to read now.  I will probably buy MG’s second book, mostly as an audio if available.  I am hooked on the series.  I don’t know if he intended the main character to look or be african-american but that is how I see her  and well I like it too much to turn away.  I think the main character of Three Parts Dead is rare.  It may not be for the genre but for me to find it oh yeah.

I am jealous and envious of writers having the time and energy to write and writing about it.  I have ideas bursting out of me and I want to work but I also need money.  I have a kid, quality of life is important.  I also have a sick mom and my time is being swallowed by that as well.  I want to end this blog optimistically but I don’t think I can.  Endings are another problem for me.  I can never find them in my stories and I never do them right in my blogs.  FYI this is the longest post I have done in while.  I hope it made sense.  It did in my head.


The vows

I gave this blog a purpose. Then I forgot it. My bad. There are no rough written drafts. Just me trying to clear my head. Bad things happened and then worse things came up. Becoming the fabulous published writer I want to be seems more unlikely. It is a sobering and depressing. I will get over it eventuallu just not now.