Monthly Archives: June 2013


Two posts away from fifty and I still don’t feel strong enough to post important things on any of my blogs.  Even though I vowed on every single one that I would be a better blogger.  I fail because life gets in the way of writing.  Good writing takes time to cultivate and the truth about my life is that I am getting the time or making the time to write.

I get slivers of time like now and I bitch about the good writing I am not being able to get to.  I try to relieve my mind of anxiety in hopes something great will appear.  When I started this post, I wanted it to be longer.  I wanted it to have depth.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Quickie II

I did this on another blog. I know I should link you all and mass post but I refuse to be that connected. Time and my cash are against me. Two weeks ago, I had all my shit together. Now I am seeing crap still on the floor. Damn, Damn, Damn!