Monthly Archives: November 2013

Black Friday Blues

Thanksgiving went well for me.  I didn’t eat as much as I thought I would.  I prepared many of the side dishes.  My sister L, messed up my chance at making the traditional american candied yams.  I made a simple asparagus dish, roasted asparagus I will make it like that always.  That dish, the stuffed potatoes, rice and peas were my great achievements. L. did the turkey & other meats and they were good as well.  A cousin C.  made fantastic mudslide.  Overall it was a good night.  Of course there was family tension but it simmered, no great explosions.  

Why is blues in my title?  The norm for me is being financially impaired.  I have no money to even think about going to the stores for the Black Friday sales.  If I had available cash I might risk it but big sales like that don’t really interest me.  I just want to be comfortable, be able to pay my bills on time, without being dead broke after. 

Most of the family left Thursday night, after putting away the food and putting things back after rearranging it for the night.  There is still a load of  unwashed pots and other crap here that I have no energy to get too.  I have no real energy for this either but I am doing it because I’m tired of leaving these blogs with nothing posted.  I have not developed the concept of scheduling a post.  Sometimes I save something in plans to come back to it the next day.  But that day comes along 3,4 months later.  The saved post is no longer relevant.  I am going to try a new tactic to force myself to post regularly.