Monthly Archives: March 2014

This writer

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis writer has forsaken almost everything to write.  Instead of being a well-rounded person, she is under-achieving adult.  It is galling to see where some people her age (writers) are doing compared to where she is in her life.   Their success shines a glaring light on where she has failed.  This writer never got her priorities straight or this writer never stuck to her goals.  This writer is a quitter with everything except maybe writing.  But the reason she is unable to produce viable work is because she cannot finish the things important for a comfortable life.  This writer is thousands of dollars in debt and has absolutely nothing to show for it. This writer has a dead end day job and will soon have no income to supplement this life.   This writer is a bad example to her kid. As a result she fears her kid’s lacks ambition to succeed in life.  They are not stupid.  They just lack something that has now made the writer wary about her kid’s future.  This writer is looking for the niche that will help her.  This writer has stated this before, she does not look for fame, she wants her creativity to be appreciated and understood if possible.  This writer writes because it is the only thing she did well once.

This writer cannot stop writing or planning to write.  It might be a type of condition but she does not want to be diagnosed.   This writer has made promises to this blog she is remiss in keeping.  She has apologized many many times on this blog and others.  She knows bad habits are difficult to overcome, recidivism happens most of the time.

This writer has decided to forgive herself for not being posting on a deadline.  This writer will strive to work on that issue.  She will also work on her writing and producing the literary works she dreams about.  This writers fears she will not achieve everything.  This writer only goal is to not be in the same position next that she is in this year.