60 Just for Fun



This writer is posting today for fun.  She is generally pissed at the world and needs to relieve some of the tension.  The Lotus is known and cleansing plant.  So this writer who loves flowers but can never keep a plant alive. Posted one.  Ok, she is not actually pissed at the world, just the course of her life at the moment.  It is the middle of the week and she had not done anything of significance.

Yes there has been some scribbling and thought processing but nothing to post a blog about.  Not to mention the webzine or ezine or website that she wants to produce is still in embryonic stages when it should be in its 3rd trimester.  That analogy sucked.  J.C.  doesn’t want to a famous writer,  although that would be nice.  J.C. wants to be a competent and critical acclaimed writer.   She doesn’t want to be known for a bad story.   A rant of a bad story has been seen it before.  The reviews are brutal and  more cruel the reviews the more popular the story got.   It is actually something to see ppl waxing on poetic and w/visuals about how bad someone’s work is daunting.  Once you see something you can never unsee it.

So here is J.C. Henry,  complaining about not writing.  Is writing about not writing a thing?   She has seen blog about it before.  They are written better than this one.  But bear with this writer.  She feels as time goes on, she may be losing her drive and grammar skills.  Sometimes when this writer sees other blog post are realized someone wrote over 1,000 words on a subject she sighs in envy.  This writer hasn’t written a post that long since  the Flagship post.  This writer was explaining the reasons she was compelled to write.  These this have not changed but what happens is that this writer is often a procrastinator and often distracted from primary goal.  Point this post was supposed to be a free write therapy post.  It has taken this writer almost 2 hours to complete.  J.C. Is disappointed with this.

Normally J.C. would finish this post with a positive end.  In fact she prefers positive admonitions.  She has issues with endings.  Currently reading a book about ending a story.  Hoping it will improve writing. All that this writer is willing to admit to is that she will mostly likely  post again.  It may or may not be a  work of fiction.


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