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Update 62

blue lotus 2


This writer is attempting to write and  has not posted in a long time.  Blame it on the pros and cons of everything.   There is also this thing called time and this writer has little of it.  She usually feels that her creativity is being sucked away by the trials of life.  So this writer has not posted on the flagship.  This writer has plans for this blog.  So all tests and rough drafts are done on other blogs or websites.   The refined polished versions are for the flagship.  This may make no sense but that is how this writers feels.   This post is for the sole  purpose of not letting this blog feel neglected.  Yes, this writer knows this blog is not alive.  She is not crazy, yet.

This writer will like to post weekly on all her blogs but has not set up the timetable to do so  effectively.  Admitting this here shows that she has poor organization skills.  This is something this writer has complained about  in all her post.  Along with apologies to non existent readers.  That may or may not be this case since this writer has joined Gravatar.  At least that is what this writer thinks that app thing is called.  Corrections will be made later.

JC has been attempting to carve a path for her three blogs and one website, eventually even the flagship will be a blog.  This writer needs to get more work done that include networking.  So wish this writer luck and  if you read this leave comment.