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63 Nothing to fear but… … …

As time drew near to the publish date of J. Christina’s first short story post, her fear grew and she froze in place with the horrors of what if racing through her mind, each one more terrible than the first. Sadly like  many things in the past, JC did not chikenfollow through with the dead line she made for herself.  She chickened out.

Normally it would take months before JC acknowledged what  had happened but age has made her face her flaws.  So in  a few days after this disappointment, she can write about it apologize and move on.   Also there is  new deadline, this August 29, 2014.  JC will post the actual fiction that she writes. She will promote it on twitter.  She will attempt to have visual aids.  She heard those help.  She will do what she couldn’t on August 21, 2014.


With that typed, this is the end of this post. Leave comments good or bad.