Update 63b

JC planned to post a story at the end of August.   Lost her nerve, then got slapped with an unforeseen broken puzzlecircumstances that cut her off the internet.  The  meager courage she gathered to finally post  her story was lost.

She thought that once things got back to normal she would start back where she left off, without the momentous day (her birthday) to mark the momentous event.  Real life came in and she had to take her kid to school, help her mom with the doctor appointments, plan meals, clean, do laundry etc. etc. etc.

The confidence was gone and she felt lost.  Where does she go from here?  Is the universe telling her not to write?  Should she give the universe the finger? It is better to laugh or cry?  The debate continues but the post will happen.  Writing is a big part of JC’s life.  She tells that to everyone she knows  and she writes in her head all the time.  That may sound crazy but actually makes sense to artistic types.  She can’t give it up.  No offense universe.




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