I am posting this picture and breaking the rule of objectivity for two reasons.  One, I am really angry.   I don’t have a target.  So am going to rant right here or write here.  I have been goading myself to post a story for a while.  I apologized, complained and explained on previous entries.  All the reasons on why I haven’t posted any of my work.  I have many reasons.  Fear was the biggest.  However I was getting over it.  In fact, I tweaked part one of a story and made the decision to post it, Today. I would advertise on twitter.  Cringe and hope that it was well received.   I have Microsoft one drive.  It is supposed to be a fail safe so that my work will always be somewhere nothing would ever be lost.  Unless one drive  ask you if you want to keep your revision and since it has been 3 hours after you have tweaked your  part one.  You don’t think and say yes or no.  I don’t even know what I clicked on.  All I know is that everything I typed 3 hours ago is gone.   My fury knows no bounds.  I can’t even post the story anymore.  The mood the apprehensive feeling of a new state of being is gone.  Swallowed by fury.   The worst is that I have nothing to put my wrath upon.

The second reason is that the Lotus is supposed healing and cleansing.  blue lotus 1  I collect pictures of them, thank you photographers, artist and wikipedia.   I am a black thumb, I can barely keep the plants in my house alive, so maintaining a garden it out of the question.

The flower which is also a water lily grows in really dirty water.  People who notices this was able  to attach sentiment to it.  The world is dirty, faith or enlightenment is the budding lotus or lily.  Initially it was because of a story idea I was attempting to develop.  That story got lost.  But I still kept the flowers.   Some of the flower here are my favorites.  They don’t really have an significance except that they are pretty and one day I will write a story with a lotus or lily theme.   Tomorrow I will post part one of the story I have been promising to put out.  I am looking for comments likes or dislikes on this entry and the one coming soon.  800px-WaterLily-BlackPrincess


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