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I am writing this just to let my few readers know that I am still writing. I do plan to post something but I don’t have a timeline.  I was nervous about not producing  and posting.  Then I made the mistake of joining tumblr.  At the constant, endorsement of another friend.  I really have no idea what to do with six blog/websites.  800px-WaterLily-BlackPrincess  There will be a lot of reblogging I think.   Then there is the wattpad, where I am attempting to get constructive comments and notoriety of course.   I know that  I don’t want to be a celebrity author.  Some of my personal opinions will get me in trouble.   I want to be a recognized author.  If someone sees my book or reads my name,  I want them to say I know that writer.   What they say after that is up to them.  I do know that not everyone is going to like what I write or read it.

Now I have to get back to my real life.  I think this is the last entry I post under 300 words.  I noticed that I am getting lazy with my post.  This might be my yearly challenge.  Write 300 words and up on every entry from November 2014 to November 2015.  black hand writingTo anyone else that blogs this might seem low in the difficulty scale  but since I have been reading less, I believe I have also been writing less as well.  I also have six blog websites, I will also  It was very distressing to realize.   I also have to consider how to end post.  I  never end these things well.

67 update

There is not much to say. After months of deliberating and apologizing, I posted a story.   The working title is Lucky 13.  rainbow 3 I also attached this account to Twitter so every time I post here, there is a post advertising on Twitter.  Connectivity, you have to love it.

The weeks following my big post have been a little disappointing.  I need to work on promotion.  I also need to work on the part 2 of Lucky Thirteen.  What have I done.  I watched some author’s talk about their books and urban fantasy. I bought books of some that I didn’t know b/c they were really compelling.  I have also printed things excerpts from soon to be released books and articles on writing.  I also have looked through my nook and put the must read books at the top of my list.  But I haven’t been reading as I would like.  I know what my read page says, it is actually a listen page.  A majority of the books I have been listing as read have been listened too.


I have been feeling adrift.  I know where I need to be but I am still floating.  It is not a good or bad float just a blah.  I always say that once I recognize a problem. I should be able to fix it or change course.  I will let you all know in a week how that is working for me.

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