67 update

There is not much to say. After months of deliberating and apologizing, I posted a story.   The working title is Lucky 13.  rainbow 3 I also attached this account to Twitter so every time I post here, there is a post advertising on Twitter.  Connectivity, you have to love it.

The weeks following my big post have been a little disappointing.  I need to work on promotion.  I also need to work on the part 2 of Lucky Thirteen.  What have I done.  I watched some author’s talk about their books and urban fantasy. I bought books of some that I didn’t know b/c they were really compelling.  I have also printed things excerpts from soon to be released books and articles on writing.  I also have looked through my nook and put the must read books at the top of my list.  But I haven’t been reading as I would like.  I know what my read page says, it is actually a listen page.  A majority of the books I have been listing as read have been listened too.


I have been feeling adrift.  I know where I need to be but I am still floating.  It is not a good or bad float just a blah.  I always say that once I recognize a problem. I should be able to fix it or change course.  I will let you all know in a week how that is working for me.

Please leave a comment for Lucky Thirteen and this post.


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