Monthly Archives: November 2014


I voted today.  I hope I made the right choice for my city and state.  It seems like an odd hope but sometimes people do wrong because the had the right persuasion.  I have been voting for over 20 years now.  I have missed few and I feel guilty when I do. I feel that if I didn’t vote I didn’t have the right to complain. Since I have my duty, be prepared for a future post of outrage about politics.   I just have to get the facts and the “truth” together.

This blog wasn’t even suppose to be a political rant but it sounds like it.  Sad part is that I haven’t been paying enough attention to politics.  Not the way  a proud voting US citizen should.  This is flower break, while I change my mind-set.


I began this entry with the idea that I would write about something important to me as a writer. Reader may  find it interesting.  I like reading what other writers/authors are doing with their work.  I follow a couple and I comment and like their posts.  My tags says life, writing and random.  I got distracted by writing about voting. The inspiring thought is fleeting and I was a little distraught.  It was smart that I also tagged random too, just for kicks.

I gave myself the personal  challenge of typing 300 or more words a post on every blog account I opened, for a year.  The rule are that these words have to make up sentences that  can be understood.  An easy solution would be to write out my thoughts before typing.  I do that sometimes.  I am plantser.  Which is a writer that semi plots but also writes by the seat of her pants.  I heard another writer call it instinctual writing or pantsing.  I like to call it free writing.  Sometimes my free write post come out really good.  Sometimes they get snagged at the ending.  Conclusions have always been a problem for me since high school. It looks like I will be looking up old essay notes about endings.   A writer who habitually plots and outlines are called plotters.  I like to think of myself as a mixed of the two, hence planster.  The compare and contrast of that is a post for another blog, the Jo Experiment Blog to exact.

I will be writing about the 300+word challenge until I am writing 300+words without difficulty.  I used to be able to do so without thinking.  Now the words are coming to me painstakingly slow.  I call myself a writer,  I aspire to be a publish author.  My creativity can’t be lagging.  I am not critically known.  I think the reminders, help as a prompt.  Yes I like to use reverse psychology and trick on myself.  I am stubborn and my own worst enemy.

Octavia Butler said “First forget inspiration.  Habit is more dependable.  Habit will sustain you whether you are inspired or not.

I can’t give up on inspiration yet, but I am real close.  I want to create and write stories out of habit.