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70 Life Interrupted

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Three weeks ago, I started to write a post.  Originally I thought I would post it on tumblr, I changed my mind several times but kept on typing.  Then Life interrupted things got complicated and although I would love to post that entry, I can’t.   I lost the feel of the post and for the life of me I can’t get it back.   Four hundred words that are basically dead to me.  I didn’t even mention the personal challenge. I was free and keeping the commitment.  It was a great transition because it meant that the exercise was working.  I would soon be able to write at two pages or more of new material a day with creative ease.  Aiming for a specific word count had me writing above it all the time.  I was getting out of my latest setback with minimal damage.    Around this time, I had plans of writing about the conclusion of Lucky Thirteen.  Complication in life made that so much harder.  I don’t even know where I can start to complain.  One of my many convictions is that a  person’s whole life should not be on the internet.  Some things sure but every iota should be avoided.   I try to limit my information.  It may be a futile attempt of privacy but I am good with it.

My latest epiphany is that the unforeseen in actually my worst enemy.  I thought it was me but I am actually a pawn to the mastermind of the unknown.   My greatest fault is that I don’t prepare and  the consequences are fierce.   bful-mess_logo3My writing and other creative projects are effected.  I have mentioned this before the pity, worthless spiral that often takes a good amount time to get over. Once I am able to devise a new strategy to kick its butt.  There is probably an eloquent word group that means the same thing but I am feeling low brow today.

I am typing myself into a positive attitude and from there I want to find my missing creative threads; they were lost in the setback.   Unfortunately Lucky Thirteen’s part two is on hiatus until next year.    I haven’t even looked at  the novel Hybrid.  There is the holiday stuff I have to get through and New Year resolutions to make then break.  There will be obligations and priorities demanding to be at the top of my list.  There is also the reflections – good, bad, ugly, and horrible.  In the next few weeks, there will be three hundred words of best wishes and hopes of the next year.  The best holiday pictures I can borrow from the web. I don’t know what Somer’s teenage life is looking like,  I think I could get nostalgic about 1999.   Research will have to be involved.  I had no idea a short story can take so much work.  It is the price I pay for goodness not perfection that is in the eye of the beholder.   Worthiness to be read is a goal I strive for.  I want to be able to mesmerize my audience with the magic of my words.   I want to entertain and inspire eventually  I want to make a living off of my writing.  So that I an no longer need a day job.   That is the dream.  I know that my reality will always include a daily grind.  I dream like the thousands of dream writers out there in the world.

In conclusion, if anyone is wondering where is part two of Lucky Thirteen or where is all the fiction of this fiction writer.  This is what has been going on.  I think I write it a better positive light on the JoEx.  Read them and by all means like it and leave a comment.  I mean even if you hate this post.  I think I need to read it.

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