72 Madness

                                                         Before you can think out of the box, You have to start with a box Twyla Tharp

3 spiralsI have spent many days agonizing about my writing and what to write about.  It is a special kind of crazy.  Maintaining normalcy is a circus trick not many are up to.  There are good days, great days, terrible days and worst; muddling through it all and things can go well or better.  On a near perfect day, I post an essay on every website, I have set up.  Each essay is worth reading and the audience is compelled to leave a comment.  Does that sound like pandering? I am not so proud I can’t pander.  It worked well for me on Twitter.  I don’t see where it can’t happen here either.  On the internet, this is a follow/follow-back world.

This is a common courtesy I practice on Twitter.  Thank you readers.  Special thanks for the ones who liked any of my past essays on the Flagship or the Jo Experiment Blog. For the readers who now follow me on WordPress or Gravatar welcome to this website.   I will endeavor to continue to entertain and inspire with my words as much as I can.


The vicious cycle

I have the bad habit of losing track of the world, the news of the world to be specific.  An event can happen some place near or far.  If it doesn’t affect my small mundane life or the immediate places where I live or any of my family lives.  I would not know until days later.  I don’t openly seek out the news of the world.  Being a caregiver has filled up my days.  I apologize if I sound insensitive.  It is not my intention.  I am writing to explain why my websites suffers.  Ifractal spiral may get fired up to write on a topic.  Two days later, it is old news, serial bloggers and magazine websites have written it to death.  They also have better sources.  So I have given up being a politically savvy, pop culture blogger.  Some readers may say these excuses are lame.  If I really wanted what I am writing about, the world and nothing would stop me.  I will direct you to read the February’s essay posted before this one titled the new 71.   I am constantly struggling with the brand of my websites.  One day a serious decision will be made, and there will be one website, hosted by some company that does it.  Instead of the four constantly juggling my attention.  It may be a guilty pleasure, I like the chaos.

Solutions and Resolutions

Last year promises were made that weren’t exactly kept.  This year steps were taken to stop those poor decisions.  Implementation was hindered due to real life emergencies.  It seems plans have to be made with contingencies.  Research and references are being found that should help this writer be more creative and productive.

So even though posting has not been regulated.  There has been a major decision, it effects website/blogs.  J.Christina Henry.com, the Flagship will post most of the fiction of random genres. Thejoexperimentblog.com will have reviews on books and other media of interest.  Addictivewriter.blogspot.com, will have essays on writing and random life.  100daysvi.blogspot.com is about health, wellness and the roundabout journey to a better well-being.  Now the truly difficult magic trick will be to research and write and post weekly.  On the various topics I have mentioned above.  The probability for failure is very high here.

However I will conclude of a positive note.  I can’t exactly remember when I started this blog.  I made it a website last year.  I joined up with another blog before ever posting anything on this blog.  I was lost then too.  I am slowly making my way.  I have done it before I will do it again.

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