Out of Sorrys



This is not a mea culpa post.  This post is all about me trying to reconnect with this website, in third person pov.  JC defended the domain in September and J.Christina Henry can still be found at jchristinahenry.com. She also added the Jo Experiment Blog, found at thejoexperimentblog.com. JChristinahenry.com is supposed to be all about fiction created by JC Henry.  So much time has passed, an update post like this one is needed.  Just to explain what is going on with JC Henry.

As nanowrimo gets closer, JC tends to feel like she should participate.  After thinking about it for the whole month of October, JC realized that she has too many writing projects that need her attention. Some that can do with nanowrimo schedule of 1600+ words a day, but nothing she can start from scratch.  She supports any writer, who attempts the challenge of nanowrimo.  She will also donate b/c she likes what nanowrimo stands for and who they help.

After she is working on the reviews of several great books she has listened to and/or read for the Joex.  There is the story Lucky 13 still in development for the JCH and several that need work for actual places.  Despite low productivity, JC feels more like a writer than she has in a long time.  She just needs to offer her precious works for constructive criticisms.  JC acts like she is ready but we all know, when it comes to the story.  She cringes inside a little.

That is all this writer has to say about herself.  In November, Lucky 13 will continue.  Once she has set up an efficient schedule, there will be some changes. She learned from another writer that it can’t hurt to add other stories to the website.  This new practice may happen in the new year.  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


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