Concerns 2015-2016

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.-Franklin D. Roosevelt

storm clouds and tree

Recently I was talking with some friends I know online.  One of them claimed to being hacked by Russians.  Fortunately, the attempt was a failure, the criminals were not able to get into his sites and wreak havoc with his work.  This tragedy reminded me of other horror stories where the authors were not so lucky.  It also brought me to an incident that happened to me about 2 or 3 months ago.

The Flagship’s admin page was all in Cyrillic writing, the time was off and I didn’t understand what the F was happening.  I reset everything with a lot of mumbling and cursing. I didn’t think of it at the time, except that I seriously needed to read the WordPress for dummies book I bought, earlier in the year.

My friend’s struggle with hackers happened.  I didn’t mention it before
but he is an independent publisher/writer himself.   He is higher up on the publishing/success ladder than I am.  His story made me upset and concerned about my own website/blogs on WordPress, the Flagship and the Joexperiment Blog.  The original plan was to post my fiction on also called the Peach Glow Water LilyFlagship; the Joex is about reviews of the books, graphic novels and audiobooks I am reading or listening too.  I have also considered adding television and internet shows.  I got my domain names, launched and relaunched then re-relaunched the sites.  Explaining in an essay posted on the flagship and other blog/websites, what each website/blog’s niche would be.  I thought about it a lot, I agonized about not being prepared enough.  I chucked all the fears to the wind and took the leap in the internet sea.

Posting the story Lucky Thirteen on the Flagship was my meager small way of breaking through my fear of showing my work to others.  NMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAow I am afraid someone is trying to steal it.  Or worse when I complete my story and wish sell it.  Some A-hole it going to charge me with plagiarism.  Then double back on me and extort money I don’t have to “help me” get my Intellectual property back.  It may sound like a fairytale but shit like that is very plausible with people of better computer skills.

Instead of this essay being my reflections of the year and wishes for the coming year, I am thinking dark troubling thoughts of plagiarism and copyright infringement and still haven’t read the WordPress for Dummies, I bought months ago (insert smiley face here).

Several or five posts ago, I wrote about real life interrupting the writing life I wanted to portray on the internet.  This may seem like a digression but it actually isn’t, writing out these concerns have helped me put them into perspective.  I know that in the coming year, I will be looking into ways of securing my intellectual property.   The United States Copyright Office and website is a place I need to visit regularly.   The copyright book I have is outdated.  I need to understand the complete purpose of the ISBN and decided if I want to be traditional or Indie publishing.  It might be like the writing/publishing life for Dummies over here for a while.  These are things I should know already but the business of being a writer wasn’t what made me want to be one, I was about the craft. It was a slow realization that I needed to be proficient in both, no matter if I go with traditionally publishing or Independent or self-publishing.  It was also a daunting prospect since I don’t exactly have a toe in the industry. It is good thing that I chucked it in with the fears.  Ending essays on the website/blogs are an issue for me I have yet to deal with properly.  Another thing on the list that will be dealt with in the coming year.  So I will close with this instead of signature peach lotus.

Celebrate what you want to see more of.-Tom Peters

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