77 From Zero

         A year from Now you may wish you started Today -Karen Lamb

I like that quote.  I have used it on other blogs.   It is something I believe to be very true.  I have been in that position, feeling the opposite. They weren’t good feelings.  I got lost… … again, on my-life-scribblemy journey to becoming a recognized writer.  It started in February, the last week.  I hadn’t posted anything on this site since 2015.  I decided I needed money, who doesn’t need a steady income?  Anyway.  I wanted money to take care of everything, personal needs along with copyrights fees.  Someone offered me a job and I accepted.  It was mostly at night but tied in with my responsibilities at home, it killed my creativity.   I felt like something was going wrong but couldn’t pinpoint it.  I mean I was writing and reading or listening to stuff but every week everything was becoming more hollow.  I wasn’t posting anything.  Which is a real shame.  I thought I was making a path and building my brand, actually I was metaphorically sinking .

The flagship was supposed to be about my fiction.  Intriguing advance reading chapters and entertaining short stories. Despite my fears of being hacked.  I needed to get it secure.  The job was for ethical reasons indescribable.  It wasn’t supposed to be so time consuming but it became that anyway. When the only good thing about your job is your paycheck, then it is time for you to find a new job.  I was considering the best way to do that.  When my filial responsibility decided for me.  The people I worked with and possibly the employer decided that I was inconveniencing them because my mother was in the hospital.  My services were no longer needed.  I am semi quoting and auto correcting what was unprofessionally written in a text.  I know all the classy people.

Strange thing is that last year around this time.  I was in the same place, I’m in right now, unemployed and broke.  Despite what happen with the election, I am content that I am no longer selling my time to people who really didn’t appreciate it.  I won’t try to comment on the election because there are so many people doing it.  Some are similar to my views, some are not.  Let’s just say I am dealing with my sick feelings, like many people in this country.

So, I am back to Zero, like my title.  I have made some in roads in things and there will be changes. I don’t know how many, research has to be done.   In 2017, it will be a different America.  I am hoping and sometimes praying that I and my family will be safe.  I am still a writer and the flagship will still host my advance reading stories.   I apologize to anyone who was following me for dropping offline.  Leave a comment if you feel so inclined.




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