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This is a review category. Books I have read, books I want to read, books I listen too. This will also include comic books I read them and a magazine article every now and then.

Inspired by blog images

I wanted to give this blog a review theme.  I wanted to wax poetic about the
books I read, movie and TV shows I watch.  It didn’t happen. I went into
writer’s and reader’s block.  I was frustrated and disgusted with
myself.  I started seven blogs on this site and then canceled them because
they weren’t post worthy.  I didn’t feel worthy.  I love writing
but it became a burden equal to Atlas holding up the world.  So I open
this account on a whim and I planned to write one line.  Then I saw
it.  I have blog image folder of a couple of books I have read. I planned
to write reviews on them.  In fact, I made a list of books I’ve read
in the last three years.   I was going to give my take on all that pulp
fiction.  It overwhelmed me and I don’t think I will do that unless I
re-read them.   So last year, I was totally impressed by Jim
Butcher.  I am biased on male authors; I don’t really read books written
by guys. I know that is a pretentious  habit but I started my reading
hobby with High School drama of Sweet Valley High and quickly moved on to
whatever Harlequin and Silhouette were promoting monthly.  There was a
time, I only liked Shakespeare and I didn’t care if the man actually wrote the
words or not.  The stories were gripping and phenomenal for there times
and continue to be so.  Since then guy reader list have only five names,
which are William Shakespeare, James Baldwin, Nick Hornsby, J.J. Murray and Jim
Butcher.  These writers write in different genres and have influenced
the publishing industry in different ways. I want to give  J. J. Murray and Jim Butcher special kudos because I don’t usually enjoy reading books in first person P.O.V. , also I think Nick Hornsby should get a kudo as well.  These guys hooked me, I enjoyed the time in the worlds they created and avidly waited for their next installations for the one that are serials.

In the future, I don’t know if I will increase my list or maybe I will add manga writers to it will add more guys.  The important this is that I am changing and my reading list is changing with me.

Re-Reads can be fun

This is the cover of book, that I totally panned about two or three years ago.  I don’t know if I did on this blog or another.  It was the beginning a series, the black dagger brotherhood by J.R. Ward.  I read it and I totally hated it.  I couldn’t connect to the story at all.  It irritated me and I told anyone who would listen.  This book came out when the paranormal love stories were making their boom, in the romance genre.  Book Stores and book sections of Walmart and Target were flooded with books of this genre.  I couldn’t pick up a book w/o it being about some witch, wizard, werewolf or vampire all moody and cursed falling in love with a human or other supernatural being while battling the greatest old or new evil to destroy the world.  I all ready had suspense thriller love burn out, meaning that I couldn’t read  the next cop, spy, military, ex-military, on-the-run book.  It had no appeal for me and I just wouldn’t put myself through it.  
So at first I wasn’t down with paranormal love at all.  Then I read some Laurell K. Hamiliton and realized that not all fairies were good fairies.  So why not read about a witch or vampire.  I borrowed Dark Lover out of the library and was lost. I was disappointed because I thought it would be a good read, a woman(dhampir) becoming vampire, and lover to a vampire with the hot name like Wrath.  He was also a described hottie.  The potential was there and it flew over my head.  What saved me for the series was the second book Lover Eternal and the endorsement of a writer I admired.  I got caught up in the lives of each character introduced in the first book but given more substance in the second.  It carried to through the next four books with baited breath and elated envy.  Recently I decided to buy the books in order and I came upon Dark Lover.  Buying it because it was book one and part of the set.  I didn’t plan to read it again EVER!  But in my procrastination  from writing my own work had me taking a gander at the little red book.  I was surprisingly entertained.  I read things that made no sense to me three years ago, now made perfect sense, since I have read the other books, what a difference 5 books makes. I read things I missed in my first read of the book.Open-mouthed

I know J.R. Ward doesn’t need my endorsement, her book series is a best seller and her latest in the series is a hardcover, can you say cha-ching.  I wait with baited breath for the paperback, because a hard cover will jack up my collection.   I am writing this mainly to get myself back in the habit of review.  I also think that we should all re-read, re-examine something in our lives that we had a negative view on, just to see if we will change our minds or that we were right about it all the time.

I don’t know who to Blame

I became aware of this book, Don’t blame it on Rio: The real deal why men go to Brazil For Sex by Jewel Woods and Karen Hunter in an essence magazine.  They gave it a review and I sucked my teeth to turn the page.  Earlier today I read more reviews of the book and wondered to myself is this it.

This book claimed to give you a inside look on black men’s thoughts  and change the way you think or see your life and others as you knew it.   The book just made my stomach hurt.  Because no matter if they ended with a positive spin or that it needed to be published so that people knew.  It is still a reflection on how black women are thought of.   Don’t Blame it on Rio, are interviews of priveleged black men.  Who traveled to Brazil to be sexual satisfied in  ways their weren’t getting by american black women.  In their own words they spoke about us and the reflection is not good. 

I believe books like this although important have a double message.  They would lead some women to do many stupid things for men they love and believe love them back.  Many of these interviewed men were married, performing adultry because they could.  Leading double lives for their wives and children.  It was a sad state of being.


It leads to young black women degrading themselves sexually, believing it is a sense of empowerment and freedom. For example I just saw a sex video of a black woman with a little notariety.  Her face was all over the camera performing oral sex, while the man was out of the picture.   Later she will be labeled the stupid black slut, while the guy will be patted on the back for tappin’ that. 


It is a shameful series of events played over and over.   I don’t think books like that matter.   I just wanted to get my feelings out. 



The Rant

In  another blog.  I seethed with rage over Stephanie Meyers’s path to success.  She is an author of the Twilight series, it was a paranormal books in the teen genre but was able to crossover to adult.  I planned to read the books in order, but its popularity made it hard to request at the library.  I was impressed and intrigued.  I like to listen to authors get interviewed about their books.  When I heard that Ms. Meyers wrote the series so quickly and she had it published I saw red or green.  I was so jealous I couldn’t listen to the interview and I doubt I will be able to read the books.  Don’t feel sorry for Ms. Meyers,  there are other people who love her books and wait avidly for the next.
Another author I don’t care for, is Karen Chance’s book Touch the Dark.  I concept was great,  a girl kidnapped and raised by a vampire for her clairvoyant/supernatural abilities. I thought it would be a good read, until I saw it was from first person viewpoint.  It is hard for me to get into book that are from that narative.  I think that is why I burned out  with the Anita Blake Series with Obsidian Butterfly.  In my opinion Ms. Chances character Cassandra Palmer explained too much of the world she [Ms. Chance] was trying to reveal to readers.  Too many times the action was cut so she [ Cassandra] could say, vampires are live like this, vampires drink like this, vampires can do this.    This famous person who died of a mysterious death is now a vampire, or did you think this famous crazy person died?. I got annoyed and irritated and skipped paragraphs.  I looked Karen Chance up and saw that her book sales were enough to  conjure two sequels.  I am back in the evil green place. Angry
I know I am being lazy and stupid.  Dammit why do I have to find these things out.  I am pissed like no body else.  I will have to listen to Maroon 5 for the rest of the day.  Possible some JRock as well.  My music is an eclectic style it has always been. 
I am done with dodging my chapter three.  It is a major rewrite. Wish me luck everyone.  Open-mouthed