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Post that have no real point; Just thoughts I am trying to express productively.

77 From Zero

         A year from Now you may wish you started Today -Karen Lamb

I like that quote.  I have used it on other blogs.   It is something I believe to be very true.  I have been in that position, feeling the opposite. They weren’t good feelings.  I got lost… … again, on my-life-scribblemy journey to becoming a recognized writer.  It started in February, the last week.  I hadn’t posted anything on this site since 2015.  I decided I needed money, who doesn’t need a steady income?  Anyway.  I wanted money to take care of everything, personal needs along with copyrights fees.  Someone offered me a job and I accepted.  It was mostly at night but tied in with my responsibilities at home, it killed my creativity.   I felt like something was going wrong but couldn’t pinpoint it.  I mean I was writing and reading or listening to stuff but every week everything was becoming more hollow.  I wasn’t posting anything.  Which is a real shame.  I thought I was making a path and building my brand, actually I was metaphorically sinking .

The flagship was supposed to be about my fiction.  Intriguing advance reading chapters and entertaining short stories. Despite my fears of being hacked.  I needed to get it secure.  The job was for ethical reasons indescribable.  It wasn’t supposed to be so time consuming but it became that anyway. When the only good thing about your job is your paycheck, then it is time for you to find a new job.  I was considering the best way to do that.  When my filial responsibility decided for me.  The people I worked with and possibly the employer decided that I was inconveniencing them because my mother was in the hospital.  My services were no longer needed.  I am semi quoting and auto correcting what was unprofessionally written in a text.  I know all the classy people.

Strange thing is that last year around this time.  I was in the same place, I’m in right now, unemployed and broke.  Despite what happen with the election, I am content that I am no longer selling my time to people who really didn’t appreciate it.  I won’t try to comment on the election because there are so many people doing it.  Some are similar to my views, some are not.  Let’s just say I am dealing with my sick feelings, like many people in this country.

So, I am back to Zero, like my title.  I have made some in roads in things and there will be changes. I don’t know how many, research has to be done.   In 2017, it will be a different America.  I am hoping and sometimes praying that I and my family will be safe.  I am still a writer and the flagship will still host my advance reading stories.   I apologize to anyone who was following me for dropping offline.  Leave a comment if you feel so inclined.



Concerns 2015-2016

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.-Franklin D. Roosevelt

storm clouds and tree

Recently I was talking with some friends I know online.  One of them claimed to being hacked by Russians.  Fortunately, the attempt was a failure, the criminals were not able to get into his sites and wreak havoc with his work.  This tragedy reminded me of other horror stories where the authors were not so lucky.  It also brought me to an incident that happened to me about 2 or 3 months ago.

The Flagship’s admin page was all in Cyrillic writing, the time was off and I didn’t understand what the F was happening.  I reset everything with a lot of mumbling and cursing. I didn’t think of it at the time, except that I seriously needed to read the WordPress for dummies book I bought, earlier in the year.

My friend’s struggle with hackers happened.  I didn’t mention it before
but he is an independent publisher/writer himself.   He is higher up on the publishing/success ladder than I am.  His story made me upset and concerned about my own website/blogs on WordPress, the Flagship and the Joexperiment Blog.  The original plan was to post my fiction on also called the Peach Glow Water LilyFlagship; the Joex is about reviews of the books, graphic novels and audiobooks I am reading or listening too.  I have also considered adding television and internet shows.  I got my domain names, launched and relaunched then re-relaunched the sites.  Explaining in an essay posted on the flagship and other blog/websites, what each website/blog’s niche would be.  I thought about it a lot, I agonized about not being prepared enough.  I chucked all the fears to the wind and took the leap in the internet sea.

Posting the story Lucky Thirteen on the Flagship was my meager small way of breaking through my fear of showing my work to others.  NMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAow I am afraid someone is trying to steal it.  Or worse when I complete my story and wish sell it.  Some A-hole it going to charge me with plagiarism.  Then double back on me and extort money I don’t have to “help me” get my Intellectual property back.  It may sound like a fairytale but shit like that is very plausible with people of better computer skills.

Instead of this essay being my reflections of the year and wishes for the coming year, I am thinking dark troubling thoughts of plagiarism and copyright infringement and still haven’t read the WordPress for Dummies, I bought months ago (insert smiley face here).

Several or five posts ago, I wrote about real life interrupting the writing life I wanted to portray on the internet.  This may seem like a digression but it actually isn’t, writing out these concerns have helped me put them into perspective.  I know that in the coming year, I will be looking into ways of securing my intellectual property.   The United States Copyright Office and website is a place I need to visit regularly.   The copyright book I have is outdated.  I need to understand the complete purpose of the ISBN and decided if I want to be traditional or Indie publishing.  It might be like the writing/publishing life for Dummies over here for a while.  These are things I should know already but the business of being a writer wasn’t what made me want to be one, I was about the craft. It was a slow realization that I needed to be proficient in both, no matter if I go with traditionally publishing or Independent or self-publishing.  It was also a daunting prospect since I don’t exactly have a toe in the industry. It is good thing that I chucked it in with the fears.  Ending essays on the website/blogs are an issue for me I have yet to deal with properly.  Another thing on the list that will be dealt with in the coming year.  So I will close with this instead of signature peach lotus.

Celebrate what you want to see more of.-Tom Peters

NYR champagne (2)

Out of Sorrys



This is not a mea culpa post.  This post is all about me trying to reconnect with this website, in third person pov.  JC defended the domain in September and J.Christina Henry can still be found at She also added the Jo Experiment Blog, found at is supposed to be all about fiction created by JC Henry.  So much time has passed, an update post like this one is needed.  Just to explain what is going on with JC Henry.

As nanowrimo gets closer, JC tends to feel like she should participate.  After thinking about it for the whole month of October, JC realized that she has too many writing projects that need her attention. Some that can do with nanowrimo schedule of 1600+ words a day, but nothing she can start from scratch.  She supports any writer, who attempts the challenge of nanowrimo.  She will also donate b/c she likes what nanowrimo stands for and who they help.

After she is working on the reviews of several great books she has listened to and/or read for the Joex.  There is the story Lucky 13 still in development for the JCH and several that need work for actual places.  Despite low productivity, JC feels more like a writer than she has in a long time.  She just needs to offer her precious works for constructive criticisms.  JC acts like she is ready but we all know, when it comes to the story.  She cringes inside a little.

That is all this writer has to say about herself.  In November, Lucky 13 will continue.  Once she has set up an efficient schedule, there will be some changes. She learned from another writer that it can’t hurt to add other stories to the website.  This new practice may happen in the new year.  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

72 Madness

                                                         Before you can think out of the box, You have to start with a box Twyla Tharp

3 spiralsI have spent many days agonizing about my writing and what to write about.  It is a special kind of crazy.  Maintaining normalcy is a circus trick not many are up to.  There are good days, great days, terrible days and worst; muddling through it all and things can go well or better.  On a near perfect day, I post an essay on every website, I have set up.  Each essay is worth reading and the audience is compelled to leave a comment.  Does that sound like pandering? I am not so proud I can’t pander.  It worked well for me on Twitter.  I don’t see where it can’t happen here either.  On the internet, this is a follow/follow-back world.

This is a common courtesy I practice on Twitter.  Thank you readers.  Special thanks for the ones who liked any of my past essays on the Flagship or the Jo Experiment Blog. For the readers who now follow me on WordPress or Gravatar welcome to this website.   I will endeavor to continue to entertain and inspire with my words as much as I can.


The vicious cycle

I have the bad habit of losing track of the world, the news of the world to be specific.  An event can happen some place near or far.  If it doesn’t affect my small mundane life or the immediate places where I live or any of my family lives.  I would not know until days later.  I don’t openly seek out the news of the world.  Being a caregiver has filled up my days.  I apologize if I sound insensitive.  It is not my intention.  I am writing to explain why my websites suffers.  Ifractal spiral may get fired up to write on a topic.  Two days later, it is old news, serial bloggers and magazine websites have written it to death.  They also have better sources.  So I have given up being a politically savvy, pop culture blogger.  Some readers may say these excuses are lame.  If I really wanted what I am writing about, the world and nothing would stop me.  I will direct you to read the February’s essay posted before this one titled the new 71.   I am constantly struggling with the brand of my websites.  One day a serious decision will be made, and there will be one website, hosted by some company that does it.  Instead of the four constantly juggling my attention.  It may be a guilty pleasure, I like the chaos.

Solutions and Resolutions

Last year promises were made that weren’t exactly kept.  This year steps were taken to stop those poor decisions.  Implementation was hindered due to real life emergencies.  It seems plans have to be made with contingencies.  Research and references are being found that should help this writer be more creative and productive.

So even though posting has not been regulated.  There has been a major decision, it effects website/blogs.  J.Christina, the Flagship will post most of the fiction of random genres. will have reviews on books and other media of interest., will have essays on writing and random life. is about health, wellness and the roundabout journey to a better well-being.  Now the truly difficult magic trick will be to research and write and post weekly.  On the various topics I have mentioned above.  The probability for failure is very high here.

However I will conclude of a positive note.  I can’t exactly remember when I started this blog.  I made it a website last year.  I joined up with another blog before ever posting anything on this blog.  I was lost then too.  I am slowly making my way.  I have done it before I will do it again.

 Please leave a comment



My kid ends every phone call to me with I love you.  I have not asked her why but I can presume.  We have seriously ill family members.  She tries to make sure her last words to me is valentinedayheartswallpaper1love.  At first I thought it weird for an 18 year old.  We are close and I am the cynical one.  But I also remember all the bad that is happening in the world and I let her know I love her too.  In fact I now end all my family texts or emails with xxoo, kisses and hugs, because that is what I want my family to remember.  There was a time I ended every blog entry with the word Peace. It was most likely after September 11, 2001. Everyone was scared and angry.   I don’t know when I stopped that but I might start it up again. We need peace and love in the world.

Last week was the kid’s birthday, she is now a sweet 19 years old.  I am so happy that she had made it this far.  I hope she has many more birthdays and great experiences.  Not everyone is blessed.

My plans to post an entry in January was seriously interrupted.  First I had no topic.  The short story Lucky Thirteen had a setback.  I had to evaluate risk and consequences of the characters.  Next was my desire to maintain a daily blog.  It is supposed to be about health, fitness, well-being, 100 days project XX at  I got lost in the drive to produce instead of making quality.  Attempting to maintain six website blogs, manage a household, care for an ill relative, make up and comply to a weight loss strategy and write a three novels or novellas is taking a toll.  Then I get depressed and fat.  Eating the wrong things at the wrong time of day and not caring about the overall goal.  The truly strange thing is that along with the unplanned eating, I still feel like a machine on go all the time.  There is no real down time when you work at home and home is work.  Last I may write a sorry entry on one of the website/blogs, vow never to do this again.  I make sure I write 300+words and the cycle starts up again.

It is getting easier to meet the personal writing challenge. I am thinking about raising the word count, 300 words may be too easy.  I am surpassing the word count which means the exercise is working. The lifestyle challenge is the real difficult one.  Making plans and keeping them.  I think this entry is getting redundant.

I think it is happening because I was off a decent sleep schedule.  I was exhausted in the day and up all night.  Not able to write because I am trying to force myself to sleep. No sleep wreaks havoc on everything.  At the end of last week I was disappointed.  I didn’t accomplish any of things I wanted to do writing wise.  Instead I watched anime and listened to audio books, I found some entertaining books.  Books I am supposed to be reading.   I have to curb my internet and TV times.  They are one of my worst distractions.

Let’s hope that by the end of this week.  I will post something more interesting to read.  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


If this entry is as directionless as  I think it is,  by all means leave a comment.  I will greatly appreciate.

70 Life Interrupted

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Three weeks ago, I started to write a post.  Originally I thought I would post it on tumblr, I changed my mind several times but kept on typing.  Then Life interrupted things got complicated and although I would love to post that entry, I can’t.   I lost the feel of the post and for the life of me I can’t get it back.   Four hundred words that are basically dead to me.  I didn’t even mention the personal challenge. I was free and keeping the commitment.  It was a great transition because it meant that the exercise was working.  I would soon be able to write at two pages or more of new material a day with creative ease.  Aiming for a specific word count had me writing above it all the time.  I was getting out of my latest setback with minimal damage.    Around this time, I had plans of writing about the conclusion of Lucky Thirteen.  Complication in life made that so much harder.  I don’t even know where I can start to complain.  One of my many convictions is that a  person’s whole life should not be on the internet.  Some things sure but every iota should be avoided.   I try to limit my information.  It may be a futile attempt of privacy but I am good with it.

My latest epiphany is that the unforeseen in actually my worst enemy.  I thought it was me but I am actually a pawn to the mastermind of the unknown.   My greatest fault is that I don’t prepare and  the consequences are fierce.   bful-mess_logo3My writing and other creative projects are effected.  I have mentioned this before the pity, worthless spiral that often takes a good amount time to get over. Once I am able to devise a new strategy to kick its butt.  There is probably an eloquent word group that means the same thing but I am feeling low brow today.

I am typing myself into a positive attitude and from there I want to find my missing creative threads; they were lost in the setback.   Unfortunately Lucky Thirteen’s part two is on hiatus until next year.    I haven’t even looked at  the novel Hybrid.  There is the holiday stuff I have to get through and New Year resolutions to make then break.  There will be obligations and priorities demanding to be at the top of my list.  There is also the reflections – good, bad, ugly, and horrible.  In the next few weeks, there will be three hundred words of best wishes and hopes of the next year.  The best holiday pictures I can borrow from the web. I don’t know what Somer’s teenage life is looking like,  I think I could get nostalgic about 1999.   Research will have to be involved.  I had no idea a short story can take so much work.  It is the price I pay for goodness not perfection that is in the eye of the beholder.   Worthiness to be read is a goal I strive for.  I want to be able to mesmerize my audience with the magic of my words.   I want to entertain and inspire eventually  I want to make a living off of my writing.  So that I an no longer need a day job.   That is the dream.  I know that my reality will always include a daily grind.  I dream like the thousands of dream writers out there in the world.

In conclusion, if anyone is wondering where is part two of Lucky Thirteen or where is all the fiction of this fiction writer.  This is what has been going on.  I think I write it a better positive light on the JoEx.  Read them and by all means like it and leave a comment.  I mean even if you hate this post.  I think I need to read it.

rainbow 3


I voted today.  I hope I made the right choice for my city and state.  It seems like an odd hope but sometimes people do wrong because the had the right persuasion.  I have been voting for over 20 years now.  I have missed few and I feel guilty when I do. I feel that if I didn’t vote I didn’t have the right to complain. Since I have my duty, be prepared for a future post of outrage about politics.   I just have to get the facts and the “truth” together.

This blog wasn’t even suppose to be a political rant but it sounds like it.  Sad part is that I haven’t been paying enough attention to politics.  Not the way  a proud voting US citizen should.  This is flower break, while I change my mind-set.


I began this entry with the idea that I would write about something important to me as a writer. Reader may  find it interesting.  I like reading what other writers/authors are doing with their work.  I follow a couple and I comment and like their posts.  My tags says life, writing and random.  I got distracted by writing about voting. The inspiring thought is fleeting and I was a little distraught.  It was smart that I also tagged random too, just for kicks.

I gave myself the personal  challenge of typing 300 or more words a post on every blog account I opened, for a year.  The rule are that these words have to make up sentences that  can be understood.  An easy solution would be to write out my thoughts before typing.  I do that sometimes.  I am plantser.  Which is a writer that semi plots but also writes by the seat of her pants.  I heard another writer call it instinctual writing or pantsing.  I like to call it free writing.  Sometimes my free write post come out really good.  Sometimes they get snagged at the ending.  Conclusions have always been a problem for me since high school. It looks like I will be looking up old essay notes about endings.   A writer who habitually plots and outlines are called plotters.  I like to think of myself as a mixed of the two, hence planster.  The compare and contrast of that is a post for another blog, the Jo Experiment Blog to exact.

I will be writing about the 300+word challenge until I am writing 300+words without difficulty.  I used to be able to do so without thinking.  Now the words are coming to me painstakingly slow.  I call myself a writer,  I aspire to be a publish author.  My creativity can’t be lagging.  I am not critically known.  I think the reminders, help as a prompt.  Yes I like to use reverse psychology and trick on myself.  I am stubborn and my own worst enemy.

Octavia Butler said “First forget inspiration.  Habit is more dependable.  Habit will sustain you whether you are inspired or not.

I can’t give up on inspiration yet, but I am real close.  I want to create and write stories out of habit.